Oct 9, 2006

A Rant About Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a holiday??? Why ??? Isn't this just hubris on the part of white people? Columbus never reached landfall on the North American Continent and every where he DID land there were already people living there! The Vikings had established settlements on the North American continent long before Columbus. So exactly what did he discover? The Caribbean! If you can call arriving in a place where your kind had never been before and there are people already living there "discovery". And do you know folks in the Caribbean celebrate Columbus Day? Why they would celebrate white domination and slavery is beyond me.

Some folks make it an "Italian" thing - well it is only because Columbus was nominally an Italian - it was the Spanish who financed the damn trips.

I'm Italian and I'm proud of my ethnic background but Italy has more, and better claims to fame than Columbus..

Spare me this crap...