Oct 13, 2007

Odds and Ends

The two greatest dance songs of all time are from such vastly different eras it makes me wonder about my taste in music (but not much)- "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. If it ain't got rhythm it ain't music and it ain't poetry - hell, I bop in my seat at the symphony! (I'll give it a 75 Dick - it's got a good beat and you can dance to it!)

If a motor vehicle comes with a roll bar as standard equipment, shouldn't you be thinking long and hard about why?

My husband was watching our new little boy kitty chase his tail....
Husband: It must be nice to have a toy attached to your body
Me: Don't all men?

It took him 2 beats to get it...

Oct 12, 2007

Art Gallery Rampage OR I'm such hot shit!

I snuck outside for a cigarette break and next door is an art gallery and the nice man who works there (or owns it - I'm not sure) was cleaning the windows and said "Come in, look around" I replied "I'm supposed to be working, but I'll stop in after work" So as I'm leaving work, guy spots me through the window, waves - okay now I'm stuck - I go in look around - a few interesting things - he starts to show me some photographs he just got in by Clint Clemens - the great grandson of Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain - who is a commercial photographer yadda yadda yadda I say I prefer black and white photos, preferably of people. I go on a bit about b/w photos and portraits, drop some names, little guy says "You are passionate". Well, yes, yes I am. Little guy says "Wait, I have something you will love" - whoopsies, now I'm in trouble, if i hate it, his feelings will be hurt, if I love it, I can't afford it - I'm sweating.

He brings out a photo, matted and framed called "Wet Kiss" by Steven L. Miller - stunning! It is not a limited edition but it is signed by the photographer and the print was pulled from the original and printed, at the request of the gallery guy, on rag linen paper - so it looks very much like a painting - it's a photograph that looks like an impressionist painting - it's breath taking, really.

But I don't like the matting or the frame. It seems the photographer picked the matting and frame himself - bad choices! So little art gallery guy says "If you love it I will give you a discount (it's marked $389) - I wuff and fluff because the frame really sucks - it's expensive, you can tell, but just awful - I say "Well, it really needs reframing and rematting" - he agrees so I say "What the hell - it will be my birthday present to myself" Now the fun begins.

I start tearing through the mat samples - I know exactly what color would work - a silver gray - little art gallery guy and I are just tossing mat samples around, having a gay ole time (and I mean that in a very kind way) - we finally get the right mat then it's on to the frame - again, it's like two girlfriends in a shoe store - whee! "Try this! No, this one - Fabulous but maybe a bit bright - What about a blue - No, no that's textured!" Got the frame, with the discounts - my birthday present to myself comes to $380.18 !!! The frame and matting cost more than the print! Won't get it for maybe 2 weeks but I love it - It's mine!

As I was leaving, an artist comes in with a painting for a show of his they are having at this gallery - there are already 2 of his paintings hanging, both similar, one under the other - this new one he is bringing in is different in tone and color and subject matter - artist says "Where are you going to put this one?" art gallery guy says "I don't think we should put too many out before the show" I stick my 2 cents in and say "Take down one of these and put up this newest one" I had already told art gallery guy that he should separate the 2 paintings he already had up since they were similar and would distract a casual viewer from really seeing them. We all agree and switch out one of the southwestern landscapes for "Paris Balcony" - Voila! brilliant! Artist, art gallery guy and I all agree this new grouping shows off both paintings to advantage...

I take my leave and bounce on home - I have spent an hour and a half in this dinky little art gallery rearranging the exhibits; changing an artist's choice of frame for his own work and generally running amok ...

I had a total blast!

Oct 6, 2007

Friends - Do you define them OR Do they define you?

I had different sets of friends. There were the classical music friends who wouldn't be caught dead in a pop music venue and the friends who wouldn't go to the opera if you paid them. And jazz people are TOTAL music snobs I had my arty friends to go gallery and museum hopping. My upper east side friends, my Harlem friends and my Village friends. Friends who couldn't read or appreciate anything past a comic book and friends who were college professors.

Where ever my curiosity took me, that's where I went and I never found anyone who wanted to go to all the places I did - so different social circles for different curiosities...Like Jerry Garcia said "What a long strange trip it's been"