Nov 23, 2008

It just occurred to me...

Skeptics always comment, "If psychics can see the future then how come they aren't picking the winning lottery numbers?" Well from my personal experience, psychics can't/don't have insight into something that is completely chance.

If I am reading someone I can tell them what is going to happen based on the path they are on RIGHT NOW. If they change their path, then they will be changing what happens in the future. I believe the only thing that is beyond change is our death.

I've had people tell me "But it didn't happen like you said" and my response is "What did you change?"

I do remind people that what I see is based on the energy that is being generated NOW; based on the choices they are making NOW; based on the direction they are going in NOW. Change any of those things and you change the outcome.

I don't know why that never occurred to me before.

Nov 4, 2008

Can I just smack these smug nasty little bitches?

I, like so many of you, have been hassled and harassed by all these young people huckstering for the Democrats. For weeks, nay, months I haven't been able to walk anywhere without being accosted.

I do not discuss my political point of view with strangers. I don't want their flyers or pamphlets - I read 2 newspapers a day, I think that is sufficient to keep me aware of the state of the world, don't you? I am more than a little adept at on-line research; if I have a question, I know how to find the answer. I even know how to do research at the library!

When I return the flyers etc to the young females, I get nasty comments - such as "I guess you're not a Democrat" "I guess you just don't care" - these nasty little bitches guess a lot, and they would be guessing wrong in most cases. I want to smack them so bad. Interestingly, it is never the MALE campaigners/canvassers who catch an attitude. They are pleasant and gracious. It's the females who are nasty.

Also interesting, I have never been approached by a Republican. Are there no Republicans in Philadelphia? I have seen no McCain-Palin material stuck in my door. Haven't received any in the mail - I thought Pennsylvania was supposed to be a major state to win - it doesn't include Philadelphia?

Anyway, why are the young male campaigners/canvassers so nice and why are the females such nasty little bitches?