Feb 29, 2012

Busy days...

Tom the miracle man will be here on Friday to start prepping the place for painting. So we decided to empty the bookcases in my office and pack all my stuff up. The freestanding bookcase will be disposed of and the room will certainly look much larger - all the better for showing, yeah? Tomorrow we will finish in my office and then take down all the art work in the house, bubble wrap it and store it.

I have a 1920's Mutschler Porce Namel kitchen table I am getting rid of - posted it on Craig's List in the "antique" category but may move it to "furniture". The cool thing was I found a 1929 Mutschler catalogue on line with table in it....you can see the catalogue HERE. My table is on page 47.

We started the mortgage pre-approval process and the bank has already pulled my credit reports - I got a credit alert this morning and nearly had a coronary until I checked and saw it was the bank.

I am much calmer - and it's a good thing I don't take horoscopes to heart because mine, for the month of February, said if you are buying or selling a house nothing will happen till the end of June - feh! Something about some planet of other being retrograde or coming out of retrograde - some such nonsense. For those of you who are astrology believers, I don't mean to offend you, but it's such a crock...

I can only be positive and up beat and believe that now is my time to fly - to grow. That it is my time to have what I need. To build a foundation and work up from there - not everything in one fell swoop, not perfect from the very beginning but one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, moving steady on, taxing down my own personal runway so I can fly...

All I'm seeing in my mind's eye are butterflies and wings....I see wings all around me...I feel the warm breeze they create as they flutter and beat...

Fanciful you say? Perhaps but it is who I am. Butterflies have been with me always, tho my connection to them waned for years and now it is back. And the wings thing - there are times when I see wings of all shapes and colors; I can feel them - all around me - just wings; not attached to any thing - just pairs of wings. The wings are a new phenomenon - mystified me at first, now they are some thing I take comfort in, when comfort is what I need. And joy, when that is what I am feeling. And hope when I need that.

Do we make these things up? See and feel what we need to, in our imagination only OR...Are they always there and we only see and feel them when we truly need to. I believe the Universe provides what we need and it is up to us to recognize it, accept it, use it...I'm so bad at that. And sometimes, when we are deaf and blind to what is offered, the Universe insists - for whatever reason...a kindness, perhaps.

I don't know. I don't need to know the why or the how. I only need to know it's there. And maybe learn to to use it and not screw it up.

For now, we have busy days. Going forward days. Hoping and praying days. Working hard days - not expecting things to drop in our laps but rather laying down that runway that we can take off from...Accepting the butterflies and the wings as the gifts and reminders that they are.

I never know if I'm making any sense when I try to write about these feelings...but it's okay, I only need to feel them, trust them, accept them and go from there...

Feb 27, 2012

Equal but different

The other day I said, as I often have, "what do folks do for laughs if they don't have cats???". That is not a put-down of dogs. I grew up with dogs, started living with cats when I was in my late 20's, been living with them ever since. We did have two cats and a dog for a while in the mid-90's but we had to leave her behind when we moved to Virginia.

I think dogs are universally sweet creatures, and if they aren't it's the fault of whatever humans they came in contact with. Dogs are just so doofy, and goofy. They are not sophisticated creatures and they will do anything for food. They are loyal to a fault and trust too much for their own good. There aren't any bad dogs, just bad humans. At least that's how I see it.

Ah, but cats - different story. I have met many dumb dogs but very few dumb cats. That said, my orange BB cat is just about the dumbest cat I have ever met - but he is also incredibly mellow and a total cuddle bunny, velcro kitty. Now Miss Frankie Lulu Belle - well, almost any cat would pale in comparison to her - truly. She is too damn smart for her own good, and with that gorgeous face - well, people fall all over her. We had them at the vet at the same time and they fussed and cooed over Frankie and then fell all over themselves saying "Oh, BB is a nice cat too".

I always laugh when people say they don't like cats because they are independent - Ha! There is less maintenance with cats - no going out in all kinds of weather to meet basic needs like dogs - but truly cats train US far more than we train them. We do their bidding - and they demand human interaction. Aloof??? Really?? Nah - While Frankie hates being picked up, she insists on being attached to a human at all times. Right now she is a little annoyed because she can't lie on my arm as I type - so she is 3 inches away - napping while sitting up...BB is downstairs sitting on the back of my husband's recliner while he works. These guys are never far from us - and it's because they prefer it that way. They hate being alone - and by alone I mean with no humans around. Independent/aloof - Not on a bet.

And yet, as sweet and loving as dogs are, and as goofy and doofy as dogs are, and as loyal as dogs are, they just aren't as naturally funny as cats!

But if you want a cat that is very much like a dog - get a Siamese. They are super smart, very protective of their home, very protective of their human, physically beautiful, but you know, I have had several Siamese kitties and their just not as funny as my shelter kitty "mutts".

Or maybe I am just a tiny bit prejudiced toward my "children"...(and I just got up from desk to open the blinds because Frankie was sitting on the couch rattling the blinds because she wanted to look out).

Dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, chickens, iguanas - who ever shares your life and makes you smile...It's all good!

Feb 22, 2012

You're joking, right? AKA The NYT food and style sections

If you want to laugh your ass off I strongly suggest reading the Style/Food/Home/Fashion sections of the New York Times. These sections are basically the print version of "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous". I'm not too sure if any of us normal folks relate.

Today's evidence: Wednesday is "Dining" day and I swear even back in the days when I cooked, never in my life have I ever cut out a recipe from the Times. Never. Hell, most of the time I gag at the thought of eating some of the recipes, much less cooking them. In today's paper we have An Indian Curry Close to Home. My favorite part of this is the second sentence "With only a few ingredients you most likely have on hand..." They are so kidding me with this. And yet I'm sure many, many folks always have fresh ginger, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and black mustard seeds (and we should all get into the habit of toasting and grinding our own spices), mint, cilantro and chives hanging around. And let's not count the ghee. What the hell??? I'm sure that are some folks out there, one of us nice normal folks, who do actually cook like this on a regular basis, and even toast and grind their own spices. Well, God bless you - where do you find the time ? Or the ingredients. Just Askin'

Then we have a lady who cannot possibly be a native New Yorker because she calls shopping carts "granny carts" There's A Younger Hand on the Granny Cart. New York is a walking city - and shopping carts are how we get our stuff from here to there. Even tho my father had a car we also had a shopping cart because sometimes you had to get a bunch a stuff from the grocery store and it was going to be too heavy to schlep 6 or 8 blocks. When I got my first apartment the laundry room was in the basement and while there was an elevator it was just easier to put the laundry in the shopping cart and take it downstairs that way.

I never owned a car, or drove, for the 44 years I lived in NYC - how in hell does this woman think we got our groceries home? Shopping carts were (are) a way of life in New York and other cities (including where I live now). You trying schlepping 20 pounds of kitty litter home from the store without one. Granny cart my ass - been using one since I was a kid, still use one, will always use one because I'm smart, because I am a native New Yorker and because everybody in NYC uses them and because I don't give a rat's ass what other people think.

Okay - that's the rant of the day. Over and out...