Dec 20, 2014

BB is just singing in the rain (sorta)

(Click to biggify so you can get the full effect of his gorgeous eyes)

Dec 1, 2014

Winged Windows

I've been saving these photos since last week and I am so excited to show you.

We have 18 feet of window across our livingroom/dining room - window wall. We also have a lot of trees hence we have a lot of birds and occasionally they bump into the window. It's a little scary - bird coming right atcha' and then thump.

Last week I noticed a rather large smudge and figured the window washers, who had been here recently, did a piss poor job again. When I looked at it close up I was amazed. The 'smudge' was the outline of feathers!

Here is an original pic, just ever so slightly enhanced - note in the upper right corner there is some feather 'smudge' as well...

Then I enhanced the photos a bit more using lots of contrast and I think they are flipping amazing...

If you click on a photo it will biggify and you can see more details. Isn't this wild?