Jun 26, 2015

The Pink House

One photo, narrated by me.

(You may have to turn up the volume. Since there is nothing to see, open a new window/tab and listen while you do something constructive.)

Jun 22, 2015

The Bees

I enjoy the funny funky photo editors but I really like tinkering with a straight out photo editor that enhances the pics I take with my Mickey Mouse camera.  I've had Photoshop Elements on my computer but it never worked properly and Adobe is supposed to be super compatible with MACs.

My go-to photo editors are Snapseed, iPiccy and PicMonkey.  Snapseed is on my computer and I paid $10 for it. iPiccy is on-line and free, with PicMonkey I paid for the upgrade to Pro.

This photo was edited in PicMonkey:

And this is the original:

The edit was supposed to give the photo more depth using their focus blur tool. I'm not too sure it succeeded but the edited photo is way better.

(If you click on the photos you should see a larger version)

Jun 10, 2015

Such good news

I don't think I talk much about our health challenges but I did post about my husband's recent Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Today he had his first follow-up visit with the endocrinologist and she was blown away by his numbers. They were that good.

In just 6 weeks his A1C went from 11.1 to 7.4 - that is phenomenal. He is taking 2 medications and she has reduced one of them - so he is taking the minimal amount of medication.

He has been doing a finger prick 3 times a day and the doctor said he can reduce that to 2 a day.

His cholesterol, both good and bad, has gone down. It was in the high normal range and now it is in the mid normal range.  Even with that, the doctor mentioned statins and my husband passed on them.

His glucose reading has spiked low, within range but low, several times and the doctor wants to avoid that.  So I have to make sure he has some carbohydrates with every meal. Some of our meals don't include any at all.

On the negative side he has gained 2 pounds - he is now 208 but keep in mind he is 6'6" tall - 208 pounds isn't overweight for him.  Unfortunately those 2 pounds are all in his tummy and his upper body still looks a bit gaunt.

Aside from eliminating sweets, my husband's real true love,  I haven't changed our eating habits much. My husband is actually eating MORE than he did before the diabetes diet adjustments.

I'm glad we have been eating more vegetables and we have the carb counting down to a science - it really hasn't been hard at all.

My husband's only sad - traditionally I make my fabulous chocolate cake for his birthday - this year the tradition must die. 

I've got to find a diabetic friendly dessert cookbook - my husband needs a little reward, dontcha' think?

Jun 8, 2015

Some kitty loves the

sun and hates the camera...

Jun 1, 2015

Or maybe that's just me

Libras are mediators. they are always trying to find the middle ground, the balance. Sometimes, most times, their own - in themselves, of themselves.

Or maybe that's just me.

I don't know what astrology says about the duality of Gemini, the twins, but I do know that Libras have a lock on duality/dichotomy.  Maddeningly quixotic and damnedably pragmatic.

Or maybe that's just me.

Libras are not originally creative. Give a Libra a blank piece of paper and a pencil, come back 2 hours later and you will find them still sitting with a blank page and a pencil.

But give a Libra a piece of paper with one dot on it; one squiggle; one smear or bit of schmutz; one word, and a pencil, then come back 2 hours later and you will find the room knee deep in paper, filled with colors, pictures, ideas, poems perhaps even the Great American Novel.

Or maybe that's just me.

Libras are mediators. I mediated this...

(Image from HERE. Quote as noted)