Nov 29, 2015

Getting Dusty Around Here...

I truly hate to dust; I hate housework in general, except maybe laundry; I like laundry.  Anyway,  the best I can do, to replace the dust on this blog is...Ta Da! Kitty pics...

Nov 16, 2015

Itchy Brain

Miss Frankie is definitely a little more cuckoo than usual today. When I got up this morning I noticed something white by the litter box, when I got close enough to see, it was her wand toy - half in/half out of the litter box. Then after her morning nap(s) she decided to bat around a crinkle ball, down the hall and almost in to the litter box.  She's been running around the house, yapping and yelling all morning. I posed the rhetorical question, 'What is with her today?" and my husband replied "She has itchy brain".

I think she would like someone to play with, I think BB would like someone to play with and they sure as hell will not play with each other. For years Zeke was the cat in the middle - Frankie and BB loved him. I don't think Frankie knew she didn't like BB until Zeke passed on. Then it was whoa - who is this other cat? I don't like him.

We have very needy cats - we call them velcro cats - we've always had velcro cats - they must be attached to a human being at all times - even tho Frankie won't sit in a lap she will demand to be petted 24/7.  BB is blissfully happy lap lounging - it's all he wants from life - besides food!

What is to be done for Miss Frankie today - we offered water, treats, toys, pets - she took them all and still she is wandering around mewing, chirping, trilling and yelling.

If only I could speak cat.

Nov 12, 2015

I suppose you want to know

how it all turned out. My husband won the seat on the board. Three candidates, he came in second.  They have some crazy way to tally votes - everything in a condo is a percentage of something else. There were (approximately) 97 ballots/proxies cast out of a 249; incumbent got 90 point something percent; my husband got 63 point something percent; 3rd candidate got 41 point something percent - I have no idea how they figure things out. Every apartment/unit is a voting entity and also has a number of shares - each unit is one vote but maybe they use the shares amount to figure out the percentages - I have not a clue.

Three hours of: sitting on a folding chair, wandering around, standing, left me crippled up on Wednesday. I could barely take a shower. It hurt if I stood, if I sat, if I lay down. Pain is so exhausting and it just makes you feel ill all over.

I sent my husband downstairs to pick up my package (the joys of having a concierge, you never have to worry about being around to sign for deliveries) and he came back laughing, a bit ruefully, about all his 'new' friends. This is the first time we have lived in a place where he is the known person instead of me. I am so okay with that.

I often say that I write they way I talk and that was brought home to me when I spoke at the meeting - a simple statement turned into an animated seems I can't just say something or answer a question without launching into a descriptive narrative. I have to stop that - I talk too much, mostly because I rarely talk to anyone except my husband and the cats.  Being so isolated from human contact on a regular basis has turned me into a desperate conversationalist when I encounter actual people.

I need to get a keyboard cover for my iPad. I could have accomplished more yesterday if I could have stayed in bed and still have been able to interact via computer and internet. I do not understand how people type anything on those ridiculous mobile device keyboards.

Thanksgiving is soon, remember Eat Dessert First!

Nov 6, 2015


Fog is an unusual occurrence here, especially when it lingers until 9 AM....

Then I got all artsy-fartsy with one of the photos...

(Click to biggify)