Jan 18, 2016

Well, you can see how that goes...

It isn't until I start writing that I actually know what I think, or feel. I think I know but then...

I've always written to clarify my thoughts. So often what I think I thought isn't really what I think at all.

Or after reading what I think I thought, I change my mind completely because I can see the error in my reasoning.

Or if someone else reads what I wrote, about what I think I thought, and they comment or question - well that can lead me into a whole other direction and more clarity.

Which is why I love comments on the blog. Sometimes my reply to a comment is longer than the post. Or contains information I did not include initially or it clarifies for me and the commenter something I wrote in the post. Or sometimes a comment turns on a bulb in my head...well you see how that goes.

"Same fish, different pond" If you read through the comments on Sunday's post, you'll know what I'm talking about.